Freight transportation

Consignor - Export

Here is a list of necessary documents for shipment:

  • Commercial Invoice
    • Quality Certificate (if the product is to be consumed)
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Customs Declaration

To send national values, antiques and items of historical or cultural value, special permission is required. For more information, please call: + 994-12-4374757

Storage of export cargo in the warehouse for 30 days is free of charge. After the 30-day period, payment for cargo stored in the warehouse is accrued in accordance with BCT tariff rates.

For more information, please contact the customer service department.
Cargo dispatch procedure

  1. 1. The consignor comes to the 3rd floor, to the customer service department. He declares its intention to send the goods, indicating the destination.
    2. The employee of the department issues a shipper's letter of instruction, based on which he delivers goods to the warehouse. The consignor shall specify the following information in the letter of instruction: name and address of the sender; name and address of the recipient; nature of the goods - (sample)
    3. At the warehouse, the consignor shall deliver the goods to the warehouse worker. He weighs and measures it, indicates the number of seats, enters data in the shipper's letter of instruction and assures with the stamp.
    4. The consignor returns to the window of the customer service department, presents employee a completed and signed letter of instruction. Based on this document, our employee fills and prints the air waybill.
    5. With this air waybill, the consignor makes customs clearance.
    6. After customs clearance, aviation security service in the warehouse inspects cargo and puts an appropriate stamp in the air waybill.
    7. The employee of the warehouse certifies cargo receipt to the warehouse with a stamp in the air waybill.
    8. The consignor again comes to the window of the customer service department. The employee of the department checks the required stamps in the air waybill and issues an invoice for payment.
    9. The consignor pays the invoice at the box office, located on the 3rd floor.

Consignor Import

The fee for storage of goods is accrued from the date of receipt of the goods at the warehouse.

Storage of imported goods within the first 48 hours of receipt of the goods is free of charge.

The fee for storage is not also charged in the first weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and on public holidays.

For more information, please contact the customer service department.

Cargo receipt procedure

  1. On arrival of cargo to BCT, our employee will contact you and will provide you with full information about the cargo, including:

o Date of cargo arrival;
o Number of air waybill;
o Completion of cargo (whether the whole batch has arrived, or a part thereof);
o Number of seats and weight of the consignment
o Time and date when it is possible to receive cargo

  1. You need to arrive at a checkpoint of the Terminal (adjacent to the barrier), submit your identification (or a notarized power of attorney) and tell BCT worker the number of the airway bill.
    You will be given the air waybill and the enclosed documents.

  2. You must enter the building of the Terminal through the first entrance, and go through the turnstile to the warehouse. Upon entering, you will be given a high visibility vest.

  3. Depending on the cargo nature, you have to go through all the formalities, such as:

o Customs clearance on the second floor of office space within the warehouse;
o Sanitary-quarantine control on the third floor of office space within the warehouse (for cargoes of animal or vegetable origin).

  1. After completing all the necessary formalities and payment of customs duties, your air waybill will bear the necessary stamps.

  2. Upon that, you will need to return a signal vest to the security officer at the exit from the warehouse and go to the 3rd floor, to the customer service department.

  3. Please present the customer service employee an air waybill stamped by the customs and (if necessary) sanitary and quarantine service.

  4. After checking all the documents, the employee of the Customer service department will show you a printout of the invoice, which must be paid at the box office located on the same floor.

  5. After the invoice is paid, our employee will give you a "Voucher for release of goods", which specifies the number of the terminal gate and time of receipt.

  6. Please go to the said gate at a specified time, present the "Voucher for release of goods” to the warehouse worker and get your cargo.

  7. If you reveal damage or loss of cargo, the employee of the warehouse executes an appropriate report, which is signed by both parties. Upon execution of the report, the incident is being investigated.

List of required documents for cargo receipt:

For individuals:

  • Identity card

If the consignee is another individual, his/her notarized power of attorney is required.

For legal entities:

  • Identity card
    • Power of attorney from the company, issued in the name of the individual

For more information please call: +994 12 437-4757