• GHC (full name GHC the Branch of Silk Way Airlines Ltd) was founded on March 01,1999 in the city of Baku, as a Joint Venture in order to provide ground handling and commercial services in the airports of the Azerbaijan Republic.
    • On April 01, 2004, the JV Ground Handling Company was formed as Ground Handling Company Ltd and registered on October 04, 2004.
    • A new company has been established on the basis of the cargo terminal of Ground Handling Company, registered as Baku Cargo Terminal Ltd dated November 01, 2004.
    • On April 24, 2007, Ground Handling Company Ltd and Baku Cargo Terminal Ltd were done into the Branches GHC and BCT as a part of Silk Way Airlines Ltd.
    • On March 03, 2014, the Branches of Silk Way Airlines GHC and BCT were merged into a single company and named as GHC the Branch of Silk Way Airlines Ltd.

SWGH today

Today Silk Way Ground Handling is a modern, flexible, successful and fast growing company.

As a member of Ground Handling Council since 2000, the company is strictly regulated in its activities by the decisions and recommended practices developed by ICAO, IATA, ECAC. In a relatively short time, the company has taken its rightful place among the successful companies of ground handling.

Silk Way Ground Handling provides a full package of solutions for ground handling of passengers and aircraft, including registration and boarding of passengers, baggage service, warehouse handling of ordinary and dangerous goods, cleaning of aircraft interior and exterior, cabin heating, de-icing, pushing and towing of aircraft, supply of catering and other services.

Currently, we are being leaders in the field, and we believe this position will be maintained in future.