Freight services

Construction of the Baku Cargo Terminal on the territory of Heydar Aliyev International Airport has been completed in March 2005; this has allowed Azerbaijan to become a transshipment point for goods coming from America and Europe to Asia and from Asia back to America and Europe, which is an integral part of "Ipek Yolu" (“Silk road”). Project. Opening of the terminal allows significant increasing of the volume of international freight to the republic, automatically turning Baku into an important transit hub in the region. The total area of ​ building of the First Baku Cargo Terminal (BCT 1) is 12,000 m2. The total area of ​​the apron is 163,000 m2. The apron is able to place 4 aircraft of Boeing 747 or AN124 type, and 7 aircraft of IL76 type.

After commissioning of the second Baku Cargo Terminal (BCT 2) in May 2013, the company has once again confirmed its commitment to the programs of socio-economic development approved by the leadership of the country, which played an important role in the development of national aviation.

The total area of BCT- 2 is 12,800 m2. There are two lifting conveyor belts, 6 automatic doors, including a conveyor door for receipt and release of the palletized cargos. Scales of cargo capacity 14 and 30 tons are installed in the terminal. It can store simultaneously 2,200 tons or 5,800 m3 of palletized cargo. The total cargo turnover of the center is 1,200 t or 7,000 m3 per day, or 430,000 tons, or 2.5 million m3 per year.

This cargo terminal, which has no analogue in the region, can store and handle with all kinds of perishable goods that require special temperature conditions from -18 to +20 degrees, including cargos of vegetable and animal origin and drugs.

Technical base of the terminals BCT-1 and BCT-2 provides storage and handling of all kinds of goods, greatly improving the quality of service for customers, together with a full range of customs services, declaration and cargo delivery from door to door in full accordance with international standards.

Terminals BCT-1 and BCT-2 are equipped with a variety of storage facilities for working with specific types of cargo, refrigerators and freezers for long-term storage of special and perishable products, special facilities for storage of valuable cargo with CCTV, as well as facilities for storage and handling of dangerous cargo of different categories.

All inter-terminal movements of cargo and its correct placement are carried out thanks (due) to a computer program of its own design "ANTWORKS". Its implementation significantly reduces the time spent for (on) cargo handling. The program was created based on the recommendations of IATA, which allowed it to be easily integrated into the existing systems network.

Security measures applied in the territory of the terminals ensure a high level of safety. More than 150 CCTV cameras provide constant monitoring of each entrance and exit in the terminal, warehouse and apron. Each item coming and leaving warehouse is exposed to X-ray scanning and screening for radiation. Administration of Aviation Safety ensures proper implementation of safety procedures.

The fact that European airlines and cargo operators prefer transit landing on the territory of Heydar Aliyev International Airport, says not only about saving time and fuel, but also about high technical capabilities, quality of service and safety of flights in the airspace of the Republic of Azerbaijan.