Our achievements

Thanks to our experience and corporate commitment to excellence and growth, Silk Way Ground Handling has a number of additional benefits, which guarantee comfort and convenience of passengers, crews of aircraft, consignors and consignees:

- Appropriate contractual framework with all the authorities of Azerbaijan in the airline industry, so that our customers do their work on the principle of a "single window" with services that provide permits for flight operations, assist in the organization of departure and arrival slots, flight navigation support, security, refueling, catering supplies, and so on;

- Highly qualified staff with special training;

- Timely processing of your requests and individual approach to each client. Our team is working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Currently, the company Silk Way Ground Handling is a close-knit team consisting of about 1,800 skilled professionals who annually:
- Serve up to 32,000 flights;
- About 3 million passengers;
- Handle more than 100,000 tons of cargo;
- Provide services to more than 40 different carriers, among which there is World;

The company Silk Way Ground Handling also provides a full range of services for scheduled and charter cargo flights, fully justifying its settled reputation as a key link of East-West and North-South transport corridors. On the books of the company, there are two cargo terminals, which are among the largest and the most modern terminals of the CIS.

Daily cargo turnover of the terminals amounts to about 300 tons; however the potential is several times greater than the actual cargo turnover. Warehouses are equipped with the latest equipment, which allows handling of cargoes arriving simultaneously at ten aircraft.