Passenger services

Currently SWGH serves up to 32,000 flights a year, providing a wide range of services of ground handling and flight operations for the more than 3 million passengers.

SWGH makes every effort to ensure comfortable, quiet and safe flights. Our task is to ensure flight operations and organize a full package of services for the client, regardless of the complexity of flight, timing of its implementation and route. High degree of attention is a motto of our experienced and trained staff in the provision of passenger services, which include:
• Passengers and baggage check-in
• Aircraft traffic control on the apron
• Aircraft balance calculation
• Loading / unloading
• Cleaning of aircraft interior
• Servicing of sanitary facilities and filling them with water
• Aircraft supply with electricity / Aircraft electricity supply
• Aircraft heating
• Ice and snow removal, and de-icing
• Aircraft towing and pushing
• Transportation of passengers on the apron and outside the airport
• Transportation of cargo and mail in / from the aircraft
• Filling with aviation fuel
• Delivery of catering
• Service for unaccompanied children and passengers with special circumstances
• Specially trained staff to assist passengers with disabilities
• And others